Colombia Hacienda El Jardin Microlot

Colombia Hacienda El Jardin Estate

Located just outside Chinchina, our Colombia Hacienda El Jardin microlot coffee comes from the gorgeous estate of father and son producers, Elmer and Juan Felipe Restrepo. Here for the last 30 years, Mr. Restrepo has overseen an impressive seed...

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Colombia Hacienda La Loma Microlot

Colombia Hacienda La Loma

Our Colombia Hacienda La Loma microlot coffee is the proud work of husband and wife, Hector and Sandra Largo-Prieto. Their Hacienda La Loma Casa Grande estate resides at roughly 5,500 feet elevation within the Caramanta Municipality, a southwes...

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Fair Trade Organic Peru Bosque Y Agua

Peruvian Organic Coffee Producers Association Bosque y Agua

This Fair Trade Organic Peruvian coffee is cooperatively produced by 212 small farmers of the Bosque y Agua or ‘Forest and Water’ Producers Association of Cajamarca. With its home base located in the Cajamarca District and another 12 satell...

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Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga

Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga Coffee Cherries

Our Colombia Excelso Bucaramanga from Colombia’s Santander Department, a region known for its dense forests and natural, shade-grown coffees, is cultivated in rich volcanic soil in a near-perfect climate of 68-71°F. This Bucaramanga offering...

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Peru Organic Finca La Esperanza

Peru Organic Finca La Esperanza Green Coffee Beans

Our shade grown Peru Organic Finca La Esperanza is sourced from a small 2.5 acre section of a family farm in Soritor village in San Martin. All of La Esperanza’s coffee trees are in the first few seasons of production, with ages ranging betwe...

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Fair Trade Organic Peru Decaf SWP

Fair Trade Organic Peru green coffee beans

Our Fair Trade Organic Peru Decaf is produced by the small farm holders in Peru’s Cajamarca province and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process (SWP) at the Swiss Water facility in British Columbia.

Peru’s Cajamarca region was hist...

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Colombia Supremo Bucaramanga El Gato

Colombian Coffee Farmer and Coffee Trees in Bucaramanga, Santander Department

We have had some fantastic Colombia Supremo green coffees come through Vournas Coffee Trading in recent years. Notably the Santander Department has garnered our attention with its natural shade-grown coffees cultivated throughout the forests, w...

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Colombia Excelso Medellin Antioquia

Our Colombia Excelso Medellin Antioquia is comprised of several specialty grade coffee varieties, grown at elevations ranging from 3,900 - 5,900 ft in the outlying hills that border the metropolitan valley of Medellín. This is a true, 100% Col...

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Colombia Finca La Reina

Colombian Sustainable Coffee Farmer Wilton Oswaldo & Family at Finca La Reina Coffee Farm

Our Colombia Finca La Reina Microlot is produced by grower, Wilton Oswaldo Reina Aguirre on an 11-acre plot of Castillo, Colombia and Caturra varietals located on his family’s farm. As specialty green coffee importers we’re always on the lo...

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Colombia Finca El Placer

Colombian Sustainable Coffee Farmer Lillia Teresa at Her Farm Finca El Placer

A late addition to our microlot roster, our Colombia Finca El Placer is produced by female grower, Lilia Teresa Realpe de Anacona on a small, 3-acre plot of Castillo, Colombia and Caturra varietals. Not only is it certified Rainforest Alliance ...

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