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Burundi Kayanza Campazi Natural

Our Burundi Kayanza Campazi Natural is produced by 847 small farmers within the immediate vicinity of the Umuco wash station, located in the Campazi Colline of the Muruta Commune. This lot is 100% Red Bourbon, natural processed, and sun-dried on raised beds for a period of 25-30 days. The lot is dry milled at the Horamama Dry Mill in Kayanza by the COCOCA Cooperative Consortium. The cup has a wonderful fruity aroma and excellent acidity. There are strong notes of blueberry, a medium body, and a nice lemony finish. For our cupping, we roasted this Burundi Kayanza Campazi Natural at a medium level which offered a good overall balance.

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Qualities, Characteristics
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Fruity aromas of cherry, acai, peach, nectarine, ripe cantaloupe, blueberry and blackberry. Great acidity with a strong blueberry note, medium body, and lemony finish.

The Umuco wash station is independently operated by a subgroup of Kayanza Campazi growers from local communities using a cooperative format that supports local pride and uses a readily available network of transportation and distribution services. Kayanza Campazi has a total of seven wash station owners and managers, who provide an integral role in their community, not just in processing but also in added values such as market access, agri-tech, and key growing knowledge within the chain of production.

Campazi growers are assisted by Burundi Specialty Seeds (BSS) using World Bank grants. To date, BSS has distributed over 300k trees and planted an additional 40,000 under direct ownership. Though they will need several years to begin fruiting, the development is very exciting.

Murata Commune is located in the larger Kayanza Province, which is one of 18 different provinces in the nation of Burundi. The Burundi Kayanza Campazi farms located here are quite small, averaging just around one and a quarter acres apiece. Some farmers have 50-100 trees, but many others have more like 10 or 20; very few have enough space for several hundred trees. One factor for small farmers with less than one hundred coffee trees is the understandable reluctance to stump (or cut back) trees that may be suffering from a degenerative health condition. At such small numbers, each tree is incredibly vital to the overall volume. The soil on these Burundi Kayanza Campazi farms is mostly red clay that is also used to fashion building bricks for local structures and dwellings.

Coffee Origin


Kayanza Province

COCOCA Cooperative & Small Farm Holders Coop

5,905 - 7,217 ft. (1800 - 2200m)

Apr - Jun

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