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Burundi Ngozi Nyarugati FW #7

Our Burundi Ngozi Nyarugati FW #7 is produced by 1,253 small farm holders of the Tangara commune in Ngozi, one of Burundi’s 18 provinces. The number 7 refers to the lot number produced from Nkanda wash station. It is fully washed, double fermented, sun dried on raised beds for a period of 15-20 days and dry milled in the neighboring Ngozi commune. The cup has a nice lemon zest and raisiny aroma. It has a pleasant mouthfeel with notes of dried apricot, cherry and slight lemon with good acidity and a medium body. For our cupping we roasted this Burundi Ngozi Nyarugati slightly lighter, providing balanced acidity and an overall great taste.

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Qualities, Characteristics
& Brew Methods

Lemon zest and raisin aroma. Notes of dried apricot, cherry, orange, strawberry, and slight lemon. Good acidity and medium body with a pleasing mouthfeel.

The farms and farmers of our Burundi Ngozi Nyarugati are quite small, averaging just around one and a quarter acres apiece. Some farmers have 50-100 trees, but many others have more like 10 or 20; very few have enough space for several hundred trees. One factor for small farmers with less than one hundred coffee trees is the understandable reluctance to stump (or cut back) trees that may be suffering from a degenerative health condition. At such small numbers each tree is incredibly vital to overall volume.



The Nkanda wash station is independently owned, operated and managed by Pierre Nzeyimana and his three sons. Nkanda utilizes a cooperative format, supporting local pride and using a readily available network of transportation and distribution services. Like many other Burundi wash station operators, Pierre Nzeyimana and his sons form a key role in their community, not simply in the processing of coffee, but also in managing market access, knowledge of growing techniques and maneuverability in the chain of production.

The soil on these Burundi Ngozi Nyarugati farms is a rocky type of laterite that has a mineral-rich mix of iron and aluminum well-suited for arabica production. Due to the iron it has a distinctive rust-red color. Laterite soil is common in the tropics and throughout what is commonly referred to as the coffee belt – the region between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn on either side of the equator.

Coffee Origin


Ngozi Province

Small Farm Holders

5,643 - 6,233 ft (1720 - 1900m)

Apr - Jun

Spot Inventory

Continental, East Coast


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