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Ethiopia Harrar Longberry Natural

From the birthplace of coffee, our Ethiopia Harrar Longberry delivers that much sought after blueberry, fruity cup with a full body and sweet, bright acidity. This is a traditional dry processed Ethiopian Harrar coffee that we characterize as a bit “winey” yet smooth with a delightful lingering finish.

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Qualities, Characteristics
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Fruity notes of blueberry. Winey with a sweet bright acidity, a smooth full body and a lingering finish.

Ethiopia Harrar is thought of as one of the finest examples of true coffee, meant to drink straight. It is best when medium roasted, so its natural acidity remains high. You may also find our Ethiopia Harrar Longberry well suited for espresso blends to build sharpness, as its fruity sweetness shows through in milk-based drinks. But as we often say, you are the boss…do as you please.

Our Ethiopia Harrar Longberry comes from whole, heirloom Ethiopia arabica coffee cherries that are sun dried on raised beds, and carefully tilled by hand to ensure that it is uniformly dried. When observing a sample of dry process coffee, a subtle peppering of color is noticeable—an unmistakable visual characteristic of hue that forms as a result of the drying process. This peppering can become even more noticeable once the coffee has been roasted. The Harrar Region is located in the Eastern Highlands portion of Ethiopia’s Oromia Zone. Geographically Harrar is the eastern-most growing region in the whole country.


Ethiopia Harrar Coffee Cherries on Raised Drying Beds

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