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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aster (Star) Natural

Our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aster is a natural (dry) process offering from Ethiopia’s renowned Yirgacheffe region. The coffee is sourced from independent growers and small farm holders from the Chelchelie village in the Gedeb district (or “woreda”), which is part of the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) within the larger Gedeo Zone, named after the Gedeo people. The Worka Chelchelie Wash Station is responsible for the drying, pulping, washing and processing. Mill workers hand select the coffee cherries for processing with over-ripe and under-ripe beans separated before processing, keeping the focus on final cup quality. In the cup this Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aster (meaning “Star”) has a sweet, rich aroma, notes of tart cherry and sweet tangerine and a medium body and medium acidity.

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Qualities, Characteristics
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Sweet, rich aroma. Notes of tart cherry, sweet tangerine with medium acidity and body.

Fresh, local coffee cherries are supplied to the Worka Chelchelie Wash Station from some 596 local farmers. Built in 2008, the Worka Chelchelie Wash Station sits on a 12 acre plot and features 12 standardized fermentation tanks and more than 360 drying beds.


Operators at the Worka Chelchelie Wash Station sort the coffee by hand to separate the less dense cherries and then take the whole, unpulped coffee cherries and spread them out on raised drying beds where they raisin in the sun for about 21 days. Traditionally Yirgacheffe is a wet processed, washed coffee but over the last few years some mills have gone back to the original, natural dry process that has long been a trusted cornerstone of Ethiopian coffee. The parchment of this Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aster is stored on site in the field warehouse until it is transported to the Ethiopia capital of Addis Ababa for further processing.



Chelchelie village is located in southern Yirgacheffe. Coffee is the oldest and dominant agricultural cash crop here with the majority of small farm holders operating independently on an acre or less. Chelchelie coffees are on average grown at around 6,400 feet (or 1900m).

The milling and processing plant in Addis Ababa uses both modern, color sorting equipment and a group of workers that supervise and hand pick the final lots for export. The facility can accommodate around 15k metric tons of coffee at any given time.

Coffee Origin

Worka Chelchelie Village




Small Farm Holders

6,463 ft (1970m)

Oct - Feb

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