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Honduras Las Canoas Microlot

Our Honduras Las Canoas Microlot is produced by Finca Las Canoas in the Montecillos region, just south of the Siguatepeque municipality. At an elevation of roughly 3,900 feet, Finca Las Canoas maintains lots of mainly Catuai and Caturra varieties along with a bit of Lempira. The Las Canoas Microlot is handpicked and washed on an eco-mill. Drying is managed in two stages, utilizing full-sun patios to first reduce initial moisture before the beans are later transitioned to raised beds in a solar dryer for a slow and even finish. In the cup it has a pleasant lemony aroma and a pronounced acidity. Overall it has great character with notes of milk chocolate, tangerine overtones and sweet, lemony-citrus accents.

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Lemony aroma with notes of milk chocolate, tangerine overtones and sweet lemony-citrus accents. Pronounced acidity and good character.

The Montecillos region, located south of the municipality of Siguatepeque partially spans across both the Comayagua and La Paz Departments. It is part of the Siguatepeque plateau, and is one of six major, Honduran coffee-growing regions as defined by The Honduran Institute of Coffee, IHCAFE. Montecillos is known for its coffee with fruity, peach and citrus profiles, with a pleasing aftertaste and smooth body. The region is mainly comprised of Bourbon, Catuí, Caturra and Pacas varietals.

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Finca Las Canoas

3,937 ft (1200m)

Dec - Apr

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