Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Cooperative

Female Coffee Farmers of the Misozi Hingakawa Women's Coffee Cooperative, Rwanda

We’re very proud to once again be offering our Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Cooperative specialty coffee. This amazing group of female coffee producers claims the unique distinction of being part of the Abakundakawa-Rushashi Cooperative, Rwanda’s first ever 100% female coffee growing cooperative.

Hingakawa translates to “Let’s Grow Coffee”, and represents both an open embrace and a rally call to the Hutu and Tutsi women who comprise its membership to unite together in common cause. Years ago during Rwanda’s bloody civil war, many tragically lost their lives on these same hilltops where Hingakawa arabica now flourishes. With coffee helping the community as a cooperative move forward in a positive direction, its members have found a way through peace and friendship to focus to strengthen their farmlands, improve their livelihoods and raise the overall quality of production.

The Hingakawa farms are spread across the northern mountainous region of Gakenke at 5,500 – 6,200 feet elevation across five separate zones, producing Grade A, 100% Bourbon, fully washed and sun-dried Rwanda coffee. This year’s crop cupped out quite nicely as shown in the cupping notes above, and we are very happy to have a 2018 stock of the Rwanda Hingakawa for you to enjoy. Call us anytime M-F, 8AM – 4:30PM PST to speak to our friendly staff for more details: 800.761.JAVA

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