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SCA Expo Portland

SCA Expo Portland 2023

Coffee Professionals Unite In Portland

The Specialty Coffee Expo this year was held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. It has always been one of coffee’s main events, bringing together coffee professionals from all around the world to exchange innovative ideas on the newest products and services available in the industry. The Expo this year did not disappoint with having a multitude of exhibits, lectures and workshops that covered topics on producing, roasting, brewing, and promoting specialty coffee.

Once again the Expo provided the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on critical topics in specialty coffee surrounding transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility. New local Portland Roasters were showcased, the U.S. Coffee Championship was held, and companies were provided opportunity to compete for Best New Product and Design of Branding, Packaging and Space Awards.

The Pacific Coast Coffee Association hosted its Annual Get Together at The Spirit of 77 which was once again a fun event where industry colleagues and old friends were able to reconnect. Elizabeth Nyamayaro, keynote speaker for the IWCA 2023 breakfast and award-winning humanitarian and United Nations Special Advisor for the World Food Programme, spoke of the importance of a world that is fair and equitable. Her memoir, I Am A Girl From Africa, is her inspiring journey of empowerment, community and hope after a UN worker saved her life when she was 8 years old. And Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, provided a platform to highlight products that will be key players in our quest for a sustainable future.

The Specialty Coffee Expo is more than just a convention. It is a time for all those that love coffee to reconnect, exchange ideas, perfect their craft and discover all that the dynamic world of specialty coffee has to offer. Unfortunately, the Specialty Coffee Expo only comes around once a year, but I guess that is part of what makes it special.


Kat Vournas, C.O.O. & C.F.O. Vournas Coffee Trading

Kat Vournas
C.O.O. & C.F.O.

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