Shout Out To Mike

This month instead of doing my Part 2 of Guatemala trip, I figured I would pay tribute to one of the greats that I have lost in my life, someone who contributed a lot to the coffee world. On September 12 this will have marked the loss of my brother, friend and partner Mike. Five years have passed, poof, just like that. Well, like I always say good memories are what we take forward in life, and boy did he gives us some to remember. Mike loved the coffee business and would marvel at just how difficult it is to make a perfect cup of coffee. At Vournas Coffee Trading we have, and always will, remain true to our roots, which are quality, service and good friendship. Mike used to say this quote by Aristotle, and we still follow “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”. Now Mike if you can put a good word into the Big Man and get the Trojans to win another National Championship this year, it would be great. Great Health and Great Coffee to you all!

All the Best!