Steve Teisl Update

Most of you are aware that Steve Teisl had a severe stroke at the end of last November. He has been battling back and last week hit the 6 month marker. What Stevo has gone through has not been easy to say the least. He is learning to talk and walk again and has made great strides these last couple of months. He continues to be impatient that he is not moving quick enough and that to me shows how hard and dedicated he is to his recovery. Having visited with him last week it is such a joy and honor for me to be both his friend and co-worker. Steve has been with Vournas Coffee Trading for over 10 years and I have known him for another 6 years. For the past 10 years he has been at the forefront of our operations in Papua New Guinea, most notably the Papua New Guinea Purosa. I can’t help but think of the hundreds of roasters that buy Purosa and better yet the thousands that drink it every morning. In support of Steve and other stroke victims, Vournas Coffee Trading will make a donation for each PNG container we sell to the American Stroke Foundation. May God continue to bless Steve and his wife Susie.