Becah Lefee
Logistics Coordinator

Becah Lefee, Logistics Coordinator

Becah has always been an avid coffee drinker and starts each day with a cup of happiness. Her journey with coffee started at a young age while growing up in New Zealand where she spent her childhood with family making ‘Cuppas’ for her aunties and uncles. When not focusing on coffee you can find her taking pictures in nature, exploring the outdoors, and traversing our local trails looking for the next rock-climbing adventure.

As an integral part of the Vournas Coffee team Becah handles logistics and other administrative tasks. She coordinates the cupping room through tracking of supplier samples, cupping notes and fulfillment of roasters sample requests. She also provides marketing and sales support. Becah is earning her degree at Cal State University Northridge and is working towards a BS in Cultural Anthropology.

Favorite quote: “You are off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way.” -Dr Seuss

Favorite coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Melaku (So Far)

One thing you would be surprised to know about her: She can do an assortment of accents.

What she likes to do for fun: Bouldering, photography, spending time with friends and family, traveling, spending time on the beach and spontaneous road trips.