Mark McKee
Coffee Trader

Mark McKee, Coffee Trader

Mark McKee has been in the specialty coffee industry for over 20 years. His work in coffee began at Starbucks as a barista and management. He later progressed over to Tully’s Coffee where he worked as a store manager, corporate trainer, coffee specialist, roaster and trainer for Safeco Field, (Seattle Mariners) coffee kiosks. He has assisted in opening over 100 new stores for profit and nonprofit businesses along with roasting operations both in the US and overseas. Mark McKee has written articles on origin coffees in Roast Magazine and has been featured in articles regarding direct trade coffees with the SCAA. Mark’s faith is a driving force in his life and his passion is coffee that impacts growers’ lives and transforms communities. At Vournas Coffee he has found a home sharing the goal of not only providing high quality specialty coffee but positively impacting the lives of growers. Mark refers to this as “Great Coffee with a Great Cause”, and through this work he supports several nonprofits.

Mark’s favorite coffee changes at times but finds himself drawn back to Papua New Guinea Purosa, Sumatra Lintong Tiger and Honduras Kingdom Growers. His favorite brewing method is a French Press or pour over.