Michael Herrera
Coffee Trader

Michael Herrera, Coffee Trader

Michael Herrera’s passion for coffee began in Los Angeles watching as his mother would pour endless cups of coffee for guests throughout some of LA’s local eateries. Through the early 90s, Michael learned to brew and serve coffee, where his connection to coffee and customer service was realized. Since the age of 13 Michael has worked in the restaurant business in both the front and back of house. His expertise includes inventing recipes, redesigning workflow, menu mapping, developing online sales, revenue growth, managing staff and day to day operations, to name just a few. For the past 17 years Michael has owned and operated a full service breakfast establishment and specialty coffee house in San Diego, and it is with the support and hard work of his wife and their four daughters to which he attributes their success.

In 2016 a new vision was born. With the help of his brother and roaster, Michael founded one of California’s very first cold brew coffee companies. Michael’s new position found him sourcing, roasting, steeping and refining his cold brew recipes for production and distribution. His early entrance to this new market nurtured a spirit of innovation for new extraction sciences, equipment design and regenerative refining techniques that are still providing for today’s on-tap coffee culture. Michael found a passion for competing with his cold brews and educating and sharing his unique styles of coffee steeping. Now Michael’s love of coffee and love for people are united at Vournas Coffee Trading where he can’t wait to connect with the Vournas Coffee family of roasters and discover all of your coffee stories.

Favorite quote: “If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.”

Favorite coffee: Cold brewed Kenya AA using the “cerberus” methodology…ask about it, he’d love to explain!!

On his days off you’ll find Michael talking shop, drinking coffee, playing hockey, biking, practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, taking cardio and cross training classes and, most importantly, enjoying his beautiful family.

Michael Herrera can be reached at our office at 805.379.5252 or by email at michael@vournascoffee.com