Steve Teisl
PNG Consultant

Steve Teisl, PNG Consultant

Steve Teisl is a true resource in specialty coffee, he has a wealth of experience and few people have a sincere love of coffee like he does! He started in coffee some years back while working in Papua New Guinea and, in fact, opened the ANGCO U.S.A. office for the largest and oldest exporter of coffee in Papua New Guinea. For the two years prior to joining Vournas Coffee Trading, Steve Teisl was a sales agent for a large, world-wide coffee import/export company. There, he specialized in the wonderful coffees of Papua New Guinea. For 8 years at Vournas Coffee Trading, he represented our full line of fine specialty coffees, in addition to the fantastic Papua New Guinea coffee from the Purosa Valley that he has hand-nurtured throughout his days in coffee! Steve makes absolutely the finest single origin espresso anyone has ever tasted, using PNG Purosa.

He is married with 3 grown daughters, and currently 6 grand kids, who are spread around the world. Steve’s favorite quote is “Get up, dust off, keep going” by Craig McConaghy, and of course his favorite coffee is FTO Papua New Guinea A Purosa.

Due to health issues Steve has been unable to maintain his day to day presence at Vournas Coffee, but his insight and knowledge of the industry is invaluable and he will always be Vournas Coffee’s Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, and our consultant on Indonesian and Papua New Guinea Coffees.