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Organic Coffee Farm Oaxaca Mexico

When it comes to sourcing quality Mexican coffee, the latest Vournas Coffee Mexico offerings provide roasters with two excellent choices. Whether looking for a clean cup of Fair Trade Organic or a versatile estate coffee as a go-to for your cafe’s guests, we have you covered.

FTO Mexico Oaxaca Zapoteca

If you’re looking for clean, high quality Fair Trade Organic Mexican coffee, look no further than our FTO Mexico Oaxaca Zapoteca. The Oaxacan farmers belonging to the UPCTIZ Cooperative produce this exclusive Vournas Coffee offering that uniquely captures the hardy Oaxacan landscape with its sweet, orange-citrus profile accented with hints of brown sugar and cocoa. That this cup exhibits a good acidity and very clean character without a trace of any unpleasant dusty earthiness commonly found in lower quality Mexican coffees, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the families who produce it, and whose livelihoods depend on a successful crop.

It must be noted that this group of Oaxacan farmers was nearly wiped out by a fierce bout of roya in 2011; their old crop arabica vines proved to be too vulnerable to rust, and had to be painstakingly replaced with literally hundreds of thousands of new, quality-driven and rust-resistant saplings courtesy of Growers First. Sourcing a quality Fair Trade Organic Mexican coffee has historically not been an easy accomplishment. Following some tumultuous years, the future of UPCITZ farming is bright and we’re extremely proud to play a small role in support of their community and way of life. Read More . . .

Mexico Rancho San Francisco

Next on the Vournas Coffee Mexico list is our exclusive Mexico Rancho San Francisco, entering its 18th year in our lineup of marquis coffees. As the saying goes, the classics never fade! This year’s crop still retains its hallmark medium body, medium acidity balance and a slight almond nuttiness, but we’re also cupping a slight hint of peach—a pleasant addition to this profile not lost to us. It is indeed a pleasure to have the fortune of carrying such a remarkable coffee for these many years, and to experience the subtle changes over time from these Typica, Bourbon (and some Caturra) vines.

The Rancho is perhaps one of the most underrated and undervalued coffees in all Central America. Delmar and Fernando Moreno Guillen, the third generation Chiapas farmers who, year after year bring us this shade grown classic, provide an extremely versatile coffee that can be roasted across the spectrum and enjoyed straight up or as a blend component. Did we mention it’s also naturally grown and processed without chemical fertilizers? Read More . . .

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Andrew Vournas
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