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The Road Ahead In Coffee, Second Half Report

Coffee Market (C-Market) Report Graphic

The Road Ahead In Coffee, Second Half Report

So here we are post Covid and we are still talking about port issues not only in coffee countries but in the USA as well. It seems we did get lucky last week as Unions at the West Coast docks settled a new contract. It will keep our goods on the West Coast moving for the next 6 years and covers 29 West Coast Ports.

The coffee market it seems has been hovering in the mid 1.80’s as we continue to see demand flat. Now heading into the main frost season, the market looks for anything it can to breach the 2.00 level. In the meantime, we are hearing that Central America is holding lots of unsold coffee, but demand always picks up in Q3 and Q4. However, with higher qualities we have seen very tight supplies and delays on shipping still from coffee ports. There is still a shortage of empty containers and the logistics seem to be moving slower than ever. Good news also is that it seems that ocean freight is easing slightly though. Not to pre-covid levels, but it is nonetheless good news.

We have continued to bring several new Costa Rica Microlots in, and we welcome back our Honduras Kingdom Growers from a two-year absence back into the Vournas lineup, and our new crop of Brazil Prima Qualita is on its way for its 21st year as a signature offering in our lineup. We are continuing to keep our eye on interest rates and rising warehouse costs and an inverted coffee market which makes it harder to keep inventory longer.

So far cup quality this year has been fantastic, and we look forward to a few new coffees cracking the lineup towards the end of the year. We recommend contracting out your coffees that you can’t live without to  ensure that you have enough for the coming holiday season. We will continue to bring in the highest quality coffees that we can find and keep them in stock year round. Although many things are changing in coffee, Vournas Coffee will continue to give world-class customer service and coffee advice when needed. We firmly believe that our high-quality greens give you an edge as a roaster.

May you all have a great rest of the year and remember the saying that we love around here at Vournas: “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” – Gucci Family

If you would like additional feedback on the current state of the coffee market, or have any other questions please call or email our team at 800-761-JAVA or and we’ll be happy to assist.


Happy Roasting,

Andrew Vournas, President & CEO Vournas Coffee Trading

Andrew Vournas
President & CEO

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