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Three New VCT Centrals

Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila Volcan Atitlan

Well, September is almost upon us and the year is flying by. So far, we have already had the pleasure of sourcing more than a few great coffees but we’re not done yet. This month we are spotlighting three new VCT Centrals. This includes our new Guatemala Atitlan from Finca Pampojila and, arriving in mid-September, two new Costa Rican honey microlots. It’s worth noting that one of them, the Hacienda Sonora “El Churro” is unique in that it is a 50/50 blend of Natural and Black-Honey Process coffees… the first of it’s kind to land on the VCT lineup.

Check out all the details below and as always, Happy Roasting!!

Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila

Our Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila is shade grown on the fertile slopes of Guatemala’s Atitlan volcano. The family owned and operated farm produces a variety of coffees throughout their property which also serves as a natural habitat for hass avocado trees. Every aspect of the production at Finca Pampojila is enjoined by a hands-on philosophy, beginning with the hand-picking of their coffee cherries at the height of ripeness, and later supervised sun-drying to ensure a clean and sweet complexity. A carefully monitored fermentation process results in exceptional bright acidity and flavor clarity with complementing tartness and sweetness. Read More . . .

Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora El Churro Honey-Natural Microlot

Our Hacienda Sonora El Churro Honey-Natural Microlot is a blend of 50-50 natural processed and black-honey processed coffees. Named for the universally loved churro doughnut stick, this unique blended process microlot has been created to maximize cup potential with results that can be reproduced time and again each season.

Father and son owners, Alberto and Diego Guardia have taken full advantage of the 20+ arabica varieties that they produce, selecting a broad ensemble, with which to create the new El Churro. All told, this year’s ensemble consists of Centro Americano, Caturra, Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Sarchimor, Obata, Villalobos and Villa Sarchi varieties. The resulting cup is exceptional and has a natural balance between body and acidity. Ships in Grainpro bags. Read More . . .

Costa Rica Santa Cruz Honey Microlot

Our Costa Rica Santa Cruz Honey Microlot comes from just 15 small producers from the small growing community of Santa Cruz. All together there are less than 50 acres from which these coffees were sourced. As for varieties, the lot consists of handpicked Caturra, Red Catuai and Yellow Catuai arabica. The approach of combining several different farms for a honey processed ensemble representing the Santa Cruz region has been designed to build more complexity within the cup. Like the “El Churro”, the Santa Cruz also ships in Grainpro bags. Read More . . .

If you would like additional information on any of these three new VCT Centrals or any of our other offerings, please give us a call anytime M-F 8AM – 4:30PM PST. We are always excited to dish all the details about our specialty coffees, and the amazing farmers who provide them to us.

Yours In Coffee,

Kat Vournas, C.O.O. Vournas Coffee Trading
Kat Vournas

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