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Uganda’s Coffee Fields of Dreams

Coffee farmers kneeling down in a grove of healthy coffee trees protected by a natural shade canopy of tall forest trees in Kapchorwa Uganda

If you grow it, they will come

Over the past few years Uganda’s coffee producers have been establishing themselves as a leaders in African specialty coffee. It would seem producers have taken cues from the film Field of Dreams as coffee now leads the nation in exports, accounting for roughly 18 – 22% of total volume with an annual value of around 50 million US dollars. East Africa as a whole produces some absolutely phenomenal coffees and with neighboring Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda receiving the majority of industry fanfare, it’s been easy for roasters and importers to overlook another source of superb quality, high-grown arabica right next door in Uganda’s coffee fields. We expect this to change very quickly. Just remember, you heard it here first!

Our First Uganda Offering

This month we are pleased to announce the arrival of our Uganda A Mt. Elgon Kapchorwa. This is our very first offering from Uganda’s Kapchorwa district which is located on the slopes of Mt. Elgon and shares a border with Kenya to the east. This Ugandan coffee is grown by a group of small farm holders within the region who are united in a common goal of producing high quality arabica. Each farm manages their own 1.0 hectare plot of about 1,000 trees, allowing producers to achieve a high degree of control over the growing process. Together they benefit from the co-op’s many shared resources including four greenhouses, an arabica nursery for young seedlings and an eco-pulping wash station. The coffee trees themselves are flourishing underneath a 100% natural shade canopy, comprised of large-leafed banana trees within the Kibali forest at 1600m+ elevation.

Unique Cup Profile

This is a showcase coffee in terms of the quality that Uganda’s coffee fields in the Mt. Elgon region are capable of producing. The cup profile has good body, good acid, hints of woodiness, notes of citrus and semi-sweet chocolate, a bit of spice, is slightly earthy and finishes sweet and floral—a much different cup when compared to Kenya and other Africans, and overall an excellent choice for those looking to try something new from East Africa.

What Else We Have To Offer

In addition to our Uganda A Mt. Elgon Kapchorwa we carry a number of East African coffees, including Harrar Gololcha Q Sun-Dried from the Tiret Coffee Producer’s Cooperative Association (TCPCA), our washed & sun-dried Semalo Pride Gelana Special Prep GR2 from Yirgacheffe and our Tanzania Kibosho Peaberry Microlot.

Visit Us In Westlake Village

There’s always an open invitation waiting for you to join us at our cupping table in Westlake Village. To view a full listing of our coffees please visit our coffee offerings page. Feel free to email us anytime or call to speak with our friendly staff M-F, 8AM – 4:30PM PST about Uganda’s coffee production, our other offerings from East African and how we can help improve your roasting business. 800.761.JAVA

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