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Honduras El Socorro Buho

This month we’re very pleased to again be able to offer another fantastic offering from the El Socorro growing community in Comayagua, Honduras. For a number of years we have been importing some excellent coffees from the El Socorro Community located a short distance from the municipality of Siguatepeque. This…
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Cold Brewer’s Guide To The Galaxy: Honduras

Coffee Cup with Green Coffee Bags
It was 2016 when I started my first coffee company. Focusing primarily on specialty cold brew coffee products in keg form and employing the nations emerging cold brew competitions as our soap box, we found with proper steeping we had the ability to deliver an incredibly consistent and unique coffee…
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Flash Brewing, Iced Coffee In A FLASH!

Flash Brewing Coffee
Flash brewing has been popular overseas since the 1960s. Sweet and refreshing, this brew method provides floral aromatics more commonly associated with teas. This brew focuses on the first ½ of the brewing process which produces the most desirable notes, and uses the extreme cold of ice to counter thermal…
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2022 Mexico Rancho SF

Chiapas Mexico
Our 2022 Mexico Rancho SF or "Rancho" as we call it, is a VCT exclusive and one of our longest running marquis offerings. It first appeared in our lineup, way back in 2002!! Now in our 20th anniversary year, we can say that we're quite proud of this one. Producers…
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2022 Sumatra Lintong Tiger TP

Lake Toba, Sumatra
In the village of Saran Padang just south of the jaw dropping shoreline of Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra, 120 small farmers cooperatively produce our Grade-1 Sumatra Lintong “Triple Pick” Tiger comes from the high elevation farmlands surrounding Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra. This region is well suited for coffee…
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2022 Costa Rica Microlots

Costa Rica Santa Cruz Honey Microlot
This month we’re giving you a sneak peak at our shipment of our 2022 Costa Rica Microlots. First, let me say to our honey and natural process fans… this one’s for you!! Scheduled to arrive by the end of June we have two Honey Microlots: Los Vindas from the Central…
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2022 Brazil Prima Qualita

Vista From Brazil Prima Qualita Coffee Farm, Minas Gerais Brazil
This month we review our lot of 2022 Brazil Prima Qualita. Yes, it's back again for its 20th year in our lineup (and no, that's not a type-o!) We have offered this exceptional Brazilian coffee ever since we first got our hands on it in 2002. Hard to believe it's…
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VCT’s 2022 Burundi Coffee Lineup

Kayanza Valley Burundi
This month we are debuting our VCT Lineup of 2022 Burundi Coffees, featuring six different lots from the provinces of Kayanza, Muyinga and Ngozi. Each is 100% Red Bourbon produced by a group of small farm holders. Five lots are washed and sun dried, while the sixth is a natural…
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Sumatra Lintong TP Tiger

Lake Toba, Sumatra
For lovers of semi-washed Indonesian coffees we are putting the spotlight on the new crop of our Sumatra Lintong TP Tiger. The majority of Sumatra coffees are produced with a unique semi-washed method that creates a uniquely indulgent, bodied cup. As far as Sumatra offerings go, our Sumatra Lintong TP…
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New Honduras Microlot Coffees

El Socorro Sandoval Coffee Farm, Honduras
There are two things the team over at VCT headquarters never gets tired of: staying connected with our roasters, and cupping top quality coffee!! As many of you know when it comes to quality and volume, Honduras has in recent years been taking some big swings in the Central American…
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