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Daily Coffee May Lower Your Skin Cancer Risk

Cup of Espresso and roasted coffee beans
By Steven Reinberg, HealthDay News Your morning coffee might do more than jump-start your day. Researchers say that daily caffeine jolt might also reduce your risk of developing a type of skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer, with nearly one million new cases…
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Heavy Rains Threaten Coffee Crops

Closeup of rain drops on a coffee leaf
Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2011 A worker shovels coffee in El Paste, El Salvador. Rough weather there and elsewhere in Central America has threatened production and transport. Torrential rains are pounding down on coffee production and trade routes in Central America, supplier of 10% of the world's coffee beans.…
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Up, Up And Away | C-Market Update

Coffee Market Update Graphic
Well here we are at the beginning of September and we are on our second wave of the 2011 Coffee Market bull run. After reaching a low of $2.38 we now stand today at $2.90, with 18 days of consecutive gains. Roasters and importers are stressed. The Big Dogs’ Market…
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Got 10 Bucks For A Cup Of Joe?

Cafe coffee mug, black coffee, wooden table, mobile working
Kansas City Star, 2011 If you're angry that Wall Street speculators have been driving up the price you pay for gasoline, these same big financial investors now are pushing up the price of your cup of joe. Grocery shoppers have seen whopping increases this year in the price of a…
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16 Ways To Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds closeup, macro coffee photo
Stop! Don’t automatically toss those used coffee grounds in the trash – there are a ton of ways to reuse old coffee grounds around your house or apartment. While a morning cup of coffee (or two or three) is great, the used grounds can serve many more purposes after providing…
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Big Harvest May Cool Down Coffee

Coffee farmer holding red coffee cherries
By Jean Guerrero MEXICO CITY—Colombia and other high-quality coffee producers are expecting their largest harvest of beans in three years, a shift that could bring prices off their recent highs. Unless weather damages their crops, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and all Central American countries except for El Salvador are expecting bigger…
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Retail Coffee Prices High And Staying There

Closeup of Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans
By Eric Wolff Bleary-eyed coffee buyers may get their jolt before they take their first sip—prices in the last year have risen again and again at local coffee shops, and they're not about to fall any time soon. Skyrocketing bean prices put pressure on roasters and retailers to raise prices,…
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Caffeine Lowers Risk Of Skin Cancer

Coffee Cup with saucer and black coffee
Science Daily, Aug. 15, 2011 — There might be a time when instead of just drinking that morning cup of coffee you lather it on your skin as a way of preventing harmful sun damage or skin cancer. Coffee-Based Sunscreen Might Work Best A new Rutgers study strengthens the theory…
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Kaapi Royale Coffee Announces New North American Importer

Kaapi Royale Coffee Logo
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA (August 1, 2011) – Beginning this month, Vournas Coffee Trading will import coffees from Kaapi Royale Coffee of Karnataka, India to The Annex warehouse location in Oakland, California. Offerings from Kaapi Royale Coffee include top scoring traditional and special preparation arabica microlots from India’s key growing regions,…
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Coffee Searches For A New Caffeine Fix

Steaming Coffee Cup B&W
When the front-month Arabica futures contract hit a 14-year high of $3.0625 a pound on May 3, some analysts predicted prices could reach an unprecedented $4 a pound, as low world supplies of the coffee beans left buyers scrambling for their caffeine fix. But now some forecasters warn that a…
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