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5 Health Reasons To Consume Coffee

Classic Chemex coffee brewer next to "coffee time" blackboard
By Kerri-Ann Jennings M.S., R.D. EatingWell I really like coffee. The morning ritual of brewing a cup, the smell that perks me up before I take a sip and, of course, the flavor all make it my favorite beverage aside from water (water’s delicious!). As a registered dietitian and a…
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January 2009 Coffee Market Update

Coffee Market Update Graphic
The January 2009 Coffee Market Update was released yesterday. According to the bi-annual Reuters Poll arabica prices are expected to rise by 20% by the end of 2009. The world-wide financial crisis is expected to negatively impact growers' ability to spend on inputs to production (fertilizer, tree care, labor, etc),…
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Waste Coffee Grounds Make Biodiesel Fuel

Coffee grounds closeup, macro coffee photo
Would you believe it if I told you that researchers reported today that waste coffee grounds can provide a cheap, abundant and environmentally friendly source of biodiesel fuel for powering our cars and trucks? It’s true. New, Coffee Grounds Biodiesel In a new study released today, researchers reported that spent…
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Organic 401a Inspections And Certificates

Organic Roaster Certifications Graphic
Increasingly, we have received requests to provide transaction certificates for each organic coffee purchased from us. Generally this occurs as the roaster is being inspected for organic certification, and usually after some kind of prompting from the organic inspector. We understand each of your concerns regarding the desire to make…
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VCT Visits NYMX, New York Mercantile Exchange

NYMX New York Mercantile Exchange
In late July 2007, Andrew and Mike Vournas made a business trip to New York City. While there, they were able to visit the coffee trading floor at the NYMX, New York Mercantile Exchange in lower Manhattan. All coffee contracts traded at the outcry are traded here. It was the…
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Nicaragua Cup Of Excellence

Cup of Excellence Nicaragua
Most of you are already familiar with the Cup of Excellence. I just returned from participating on the International Jury for the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence (CoE), held in Ocotal, Nicaragua. What a great experience! Not only was the opportunity to cup fabulous Nicaraguan coffees a unique and concentrated one,…
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PCCA Cupper Of The Year 2006

PCCA Cupper of the Year Award Graphic
This feels very odd and not at all comfortable for me to write this, but I am very excited and, in fact honored. In mid-September of this year the Pacific Coast Coffee Association (PCCA) held its 75th Anniversary celebration and convention at The Lodge at Pebble Beach. Over 180 people…
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Gentlemen, Slight Change Of Plans

An aerial photo of many coffee growing plots in the Eastern Highlands coffee region of Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea, "Land of The Unexpected" Steve Teisl and I just returned from a two week coffee sourcing trip to the Eastern Highlands region of Papua New Guinea, and what a trip it was. (This will be a struggle to shrink the adventure of a lifetime into a reasonably…
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Colombia Cup Of Excellence

Cup of Excellence Colombia
Andrew Vournas cups again for excellence—this time in Colombia, top specialty coffee exporter and home to one of the most robust coffee producing industries in the world. Having recently returned, Andrew can now say he has sampled some of the truly best coffees that Colombia has to offer this year.…
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Bolivia Cup of Excellence

Cup of Excellence Bolivia
Andrew recently returned from Bolivia where he was chosen as a cupping judge for the Bolivia Cup of Excellence coffee event. Despite a hurricane in Miami, Florida and lightning strikes on the runway in Bolivia, we managed to get him there and back in one piece—albeit with many, many different…
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