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The Perfect Storm

Bulk Shipping Containers Waiting At Port
“Houston, we have a problem.” This phrase harkens all the way back to Apollo 13’s snafued mission in 1970. It now is often repeated when the proverbial crap hits the fan. Let’s start back to the dawn of Covid 19 in March of 2020. Nobody, and I mean nobody, would…
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New Colombia Microlot Coffees

Colombia Hacienda El Jardin Estate
This September we’re reviewing a couple family haciendas down in the Americas as part of our new Colombia Microlot Coffees featurette. First up, Hacienda El Jardin, located in Chinchina. Next is the husband and wife duo who operate Hacienda La Loma in the Caramanta region. Both have wonderfully clean profiles…
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Three New VCT Centrals

Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila Volcan Atitlan
Well, September is almost upon us and the year is flying by. So far, we have already had the pleasure of sourcing more than a few great coffees but we're not done yet. This month we are spotlighting three new VCT Centrals. This includes our new Guatemala Atitlan from Finca…
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Our 2021 Costa Rica Microlots

Hacienda Sonora Black Honey Microlot
After much anticipation, our slate of 2021 Costa Rican Microlots are ready for their debut. In recent years Costa Rica has been a leader in the specialty coffee industry in terms of their exploration of new and trending processing techniques as well as the farming of new hybrids, like Obata,…
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New 2021 Coffee Shipments

Container Ship
It’s that time of year! Our new 2021 coffee shipments are on the water. We are very pleased to share this slate of new Centrals headed our way. And not to be forgotten, our Colombia Supremo Bucaramanga El Gato and our wildly popular Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa…
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FTO Sumatra Aceh Gayo Ketiara Women’s Coop

Organic Sumatra Aceh Gayo Ketiara Coop Board
Sumatra lovers unite!! Arriving just in time today, Monday March 8th for International Women's Day, our Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Aceh Gayo Ketiara Women's Coop is making its debut in the VCT lineup. This semi-washed organic coffee comes from the women-led Ketiara cooperative, home to some 2,712 small farmers nearly…
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Wishing You All A Great Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Coffee and Pie
Ok so here it goes, this year has been a wild one for sure! Not many people will be sad to say goodbye to 2020 and put this mess behind us. First off, I passionately believe that although many of us including Vournas Coffee have been beat up, we continue…
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VCT’s New Ethiopian Coffees

Ethiopia Harrar Coffee Cherries on Raised Drying Beds
We’re kicking off fall 2020 with a bang! Announcing the November arrival of a whole slew of new Ethiopian coffees. You may recognize one or more from 2019, as they are all entering year two in the VCT lineup. Ethiopia holds the unique status of being the birthplace of coffee—and…
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Brazil Prima Qualita 2020 Crop Review

Vista From Brazil Prima Qualita Coffee Farm, Minas Gerais Brazil
The highly anticipated arrival to one of our longest running marquis coffees, the Brazil Prima Qualita 2020 crop has now arrived, and is currently available for East and West Coast spot delivery. Now in it’s 18th season in the VCT lineup, this unique Brazilian coffee is a curated selection of…
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A New VCT Kingdom Growers Coffee

Honduras El Socorro Microlot Coffee Trees
For a number of years the Kingdom Growers Coffee coop has been supplying us with some incredible lots from their community in Montecillos. Their coffee has quickly grown to be a favorite among our roasters—one unlike any of our other Centrals, and enjoyed for its unique profile. In addition to…
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