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Vournas Coffee Market Report 04.16

Coffee Market (C-Market) Report Graphic
Ok, so here's the skinny on the 2016 C-Market up till now. As I sit at home and ponder this coffee market report, I am currently sipping our Sumatra Lintong Tiger. I often wonder how much hard work these farmers go through to bring us so much joy in the…
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Central American Specialty Coffee | When Does New Crop Ship?

Bags of coffee parchment stored at Honduras mill
If accountants, logistics managers and supply people ran the coffee world, shipments from coffee farms and mills would occur on a “just in time” timeline. Coffee would be produced year round and shipments would be dispatched days before inventories were used. Of course this is not the case in the…
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Strengthening Growing Communities with The Coffeelands Foundation

A coffee farmer associated with the Coffeelands Foundation, pictured in his field surrounded by healthy coffee plants
Growing coffee is difficult and challenging work. At the end of the day, the success of a coffee grower is not merely just measured by his or her profits, but rather the prosperity of their family and surrounding community. All of us at Vournas Coffee Trading take the success and…
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Happy Holidays To You And Your Family

Happy Holidays from Vournas Coffee Trading
Dear roasters, friends and coffee lovers, As another year in coffee comes to an end, it’s an honor to have you alongside us sharing in the adventure. Wherever you find yourself today and in the coming weeks, be it at home with family or abroad with friends and loved ones,…
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What Matters Most

Graphic of the Vournas Coffee Trading logo with national flags significant to the specialty coffee industry super-imposed over a world map, covering the equatorial coffee growing region known as the coffee belt.
To the members of The Vournas Coffee Trading family, While all our roasters are busy roasting away (with no rest through the holidays) we at Vournas Coffee Trading would like to say thanks. While there is so much unrest that is uncontained in the world today, it brings to light…
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From Here to Honduras

Andrew Vournas meeting with female coffee roasters in Honduras
Having flown out of Oaxaca, Mexico earlier in the day, and now on the second leg of my journey with Dave Day and Geron Gray of Growers First, I landed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras ready to hit the ground running and stay on schedule to meet with several Honduran…
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Many Miles to Oaxaca

Specialty Coffee Importer Andrew Vournas with Dave Day of Growers First hand out young coffee saplings to coffee farmers in Ixtepec, Oaxaca Mexico
Last month I arrived in Oaxaca, Mexico and began a two day journey to the isolated coffee community of Ixtepec. This was no vacation. Traveling with Dave Day and Geron Gray of Growers First, I was part of a call-to-action aimed at saving a group of Mexican coffee farmers whose…
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Vournas Coffee Kicks Off Summer 2015 With Free Shipping

The hands of an Ethiopian coffee farmer holding dry processed, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe green coffee beans for import to the United States by a specialty green coffee importer.
So they say there is nothing free in life. Well in this case there is. Vournas Coffee Trading is offering free shipping to new customers on their first order with Vournas Coffee. Of course there are a few restrictions, but this offer will run thru Dec. 30, 2015. Please contact…
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A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

Containers of specialty green coffee loaded by crane and loading trucks onto a cargo ship at the import-export loading dock in Goroka, Papua New Guinea
As we march forward to summer, the half year of 2015 is coming fast. New crops continue to trickle out of origin as late rains and port delays have slowed new crop arrivals. What’s new for Vournas Coffee this year? Plenty! With Sumatra microlots arriving next week, to Guatemala Dulce…
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From Sumatra With Love

Sumatran coffee cherries and coffee trees
On our continuing quest to find and hunt down fantastic and rare coffees we have truly found several gems from Sumatra. Our newest member of our Sumatran coffee family of coffees will be called Sumatra Lintong Triple Pick Tiger. This coffee is grown south of Lake Toba in the village…
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