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Brazilian Dry Spell Stirs Coffee Prices

Brazilian Coffee Trees and Coffee Farm Dirt Access Road
Wall Street Journal | February 4, 2014 By Leslie Josephs and Alexandra Wexler Coffee futures staged their biggest rally in eight years Monday amid worries that abnormally dry weather in Brazil would hurt the country's crop. The dry spell in Brazil, the world's biggest producer of coffee, has forced many…
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Happy Holidays To You All

Happy Holidays from Vournas Coffee Trading
This time of year I like to take a step back and be thankful. First I would like to thank our 200 plus roasters. We never take you for granted. Your loyalty, friendship and your dedication to bringing our green coffees to life is appreciated. This magical process of roasting…
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Interview With Dave Day From Growers First

Dave Day of Growers First
This last May I was very lucky to be able to see the impact of Growers First in Honduras. My trip consisted of a combination of education, philanthropy and visits to farms and mills. The programs implemented by Growers First are making a huge impact at the farmer’s level as…
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Source Trip To Papua New Guinea | Land Of The Unexpected

Specialty Green Coffee Importer, Andrew Vournas with Papua New Guinea school children receiving supplies and support from Vournas Coffee Trading
Last week I had the privilege to embark on a source trip to Papua New Guinea for the second time. It was a fantastic trip seeing first hand just how hard it is to bring Papua New Guinea coffee from farms to market. My first day there was actually a…
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Numbers And Scores, All A Bore

Specialty Coffee Cupping Setup with Roasted Coffee, Silver Spoons, and Spitoon
Please enjoy this blast from the past on a topic that we feel is still relevant today, written by Michael Vournas, January 16, 2009 What do I have to say about this number stuff? Let's see. Many number stories have made it to the so-called news these days. Numbers reflecting…
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Steve Teisl Update

Papua New Guinea Coffee Consultant, Steve Teisl
Most of you are aware that our friend and Papua New Guinea Consultant, Steve Teisl had a severe stroke at the end of last November. He has been battling back and last week hit the 6 month marker. What Stevo has gone through has not been easy to say the…
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Roya Leaf Damages Coffee Crop Production

Closeup of Coffee Leaf Rust
Having recently traveled extensively through Honduras and Costa Rica, I went to check out the growing issue of roya leaf (coffee rust or coffee leaf rust) and its effects on the coffee crop production. First let’s talk about Honduras. We can expect anywhere from 15% to 35% crop losses for…
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Military Checkpoints, Armored Cars And Great Coffee Too!

Groves of Arabica Coffee Farms on the Hillsides Siguatepeque Honduras
Having just returned from Honduras, it’s very hard to comprehend just how dangerous the city of San Pedro Sula has become. Yes indeed, I did see an ominous sign at the airport car rental: "Armored Cars For Rent". After passing through many check points, all military and fully manned with…
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Proposition 65 | The Looming Doom Of The Coffee Boom?

Closeup of Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans
From the PCCA (Pacific Coast Coffee Association) Proposition 65 Task Force: CoffeeNetwork (New York) - The coffee industry, by nature, prides themselves on their transparency; educating and enlightening consumers as to its origin and road to retail. Coffee is also becoming increasingly popular in the media as having numerous health…
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May All Who Enter As Customers, Leave As Friends

A table setting with a green coffee sample in a blue tray, a cup of black coffee in a ceramic cup with a saucer and a Chemex pour over coffee brewer
Since it's the season of giving thanks, here we go. Thank You to our 175+ roasters who have chosen Vournas Coffee Trading as their importer. We know you have a choice and we are happy you are part of The Vournas Coffee family. Sourcing The Finest Coffee We Can Find…
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