Vournas Coffee Kicks Off the Summer With Free Shipping

Vournas Coffee Kicks Off the Summer With Free Shipping
by Andrew Vournas

So they say there is nothing free in life. Well in this case there is. Vournas Coffee Trading is offering free shipping to new customers on their first order with Vournas Coffee. Of course there are a few restrictions, but this offer will run thru Dec. 30. Please contact Stu or Andrew for details!!! We hope this will help us attract some great roasters to the Vournas Family of coffees.

Speaking of coffee’s, we are loaded for bear now finally. It has been a whacky start to this year’s new crops. With weather delays, port delays and lack of equipment to pick up containers at the port we finally are well stocked and ready to roll forward.

Here is what we have in warehouse that is new and/or unique. Of course our complete list of coffees is on our website www.vournascoffee.com:
275 bags Costa Rica Tarrazu Puma SHB
275 bags of Costa Rica El Tigre SHB
275 bags of Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB Dulce Leonarda
320 bags of Sumatra Lintong TP Tiger
275 bags of Honduran Kingdom Growers SHG
275 Mexico Rancho San Francisco SHG
320 FTO Papua New Guinea Purosa A/X
320 Papua New Guinea Kamarl A (July Ship)

Micro Lots
40 Sumatra Rasuna Honey
20 Sumatra Rasuna Natural
10 Sumatra Wahana Estate Longberry

Here’s to a great and enjoyable summer. On that note we have decided to close an extra day for July 4th, so our offices will be closed on July 2 nd and 3rd. We will be firing up the BBQ and waxing our surfboards for sure!!