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Waste Coffee Grounds Make Biodiesel Fuel

Coffee grounds closeup, macro coffee photo

Would you believe it if I told you that researchers reported today that waste coffee grounds can provide a cheap, abundant and environmentally friendly source of biodiesel fuel for powering our cars and trucks? It’s true.

New, Coffee Grounds Biodiesel

In a new study released today, researchers reported that spent coffee grounds contain between 11 to 20 percent oil by weight, which is about as much as traditional biodiesel sources such as palm and soybean oils. They postulate that the spent coffee grounds could potentially add 340 million gallons of biodiesel to the world’s fuel supply.

The scientists collected spent grounds from a multinational coffeehouse chain and separated the oil. They then utilized an inexpensive process to convert 100% of the oil into biodiesel. The resulting fuel actually smells like coffee and has an advantage over traditional biofuels in that it is more stable, due to its high antioxidant content. And, solids left over from the conversion process can actually be converted into ethanol!

Who knew that coffee could be so good for the environment and taste so wonderful. Encouraging news for our world.

Yours In Coffee,

Andrew Vournas

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