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We Give Thanks

Coffee and A Slice of Pumpkin Pie

As Thanksgiving fast approaches and the Holidays swing into action, most of us are making plans to celebrate Turkey Day. For most this means turkey, the fixings and of course football. But it also gives us the moment to really reflect and be thankful for what we have.

2019 From The Rear View Mirror

Plenty happened this year both good and bad, it seems that we have become more divisive than ever. I say lots can be solved by sitting down with a great cup of coffee and actually listening and if so agree to disagree. It is my hope that we all work together to make this great country of ours more inclusive to everybody… Now the world of coffee is like a soap opera — every year things happen, good and bad. Let’s look at the history of coffee pricing. This year the market low was in the low 90’s I have to say although I thought it would breech a buck, I did not think it would be down this long. I do remember back when Vournas Coffee Trading began its operation 2002 that we were at 49 cents. What happened after that was devastating with poor quality, abandoned farms and broken dreams.

Today Vournas Coffee Trading is proud to announce that over half our coffees are bought on a flat priced basis. We are doing what we can to make sure the next generation of growers stay in the game, and that they can have a better quality of life then the generation before. While this takes commitment, we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Vournas Coffee will continue to add to its great lineup of truly special coffees. Some of our new ones for 2020 will include Peru Organic La Esperanza, Kopi Luwak Wild Gayo, Costa Rica Honey Microlots, Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea Kinne Microlot and some more up and coming estate coffees.

To Our VCT Roasters

You all simply amaze us!!! You take our Great Green and make it into the Black Gold that we all enjoy so much. We never take your business and loyalty lightly. We still remain Family Owned and Independent and still breathe old world service every day. Our 200+ roasters really get it, and they obviously like what we do. Thanks to you all that make Vournas what it is today. A BIG shout out to our Vournas Team, a very diverse group of people that truly care about people and coffee. It makes a world of difference to have a team that works together.

We have a saying here at VCT: “Coffee Is About People”, and we are surely thankful for your continued business and friendship.

To Our Military Men And Women

Thank you, always, for your dedication to protect us and keep us free. As I always say freedom isn’t cheap nor easy, and the sacrifices that our military and their families make is the pinnacle of greatness. Many of these great men and women will not be home this Thanksgiving while serving in various locations around the world, and we salute you for your honor and commitment.

May you keep your roasters humming and remember to order often and early. As always warehouses will have delays as well as delayed carrier truck pickups.

Happy Roasting,

Andrew Vournas, President & CEO Vournas Coffee Trading
Andrew Vournas
President & CEO

Next up in December:
We will be issuing our Central America report for 2020. Included will be various farm visits around Tarrazu and the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

What We Have To Offer

To view a full listing of our current coffees please visit our coffee offerings page. For additional info on coffee growing, processing and roasting, please visit our farm-to-cup page.

Visit Us In Thousand Oaks

There’s always an open invitation waiting for you to join us at our cupping table in Thousand Oaks.

Feel free to email us anytime or call to speak with our friendly staff M-F, 8AM – 4:30PM PST about our current offerings, some of our new and upcoming arrivals, and how we can help improve your roasting business. 800.761.JAVA

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