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Graphic of the Vournas Coffee Trading logo with national flags significant to the specialty coffee industry super-imposed over a world map, covering the equatorial coffee growing region known as the coffee belt.

To the members of The Vournas Coffee Trading family,

While all our roasters are busy roasting away (with no rest through the holidays) we at Vournas Coffee Trading would like to say thanks. While there is so much unrest that is uncontained in the world today, it brings to light the people that we recognize as important to us. We are glad to have you as part of the Vournas family, and we thank you for your business. We continue to strive to get better with age, and we could not do it without you.

So here’s to you, our very loyal following, who choose our coffees, roast them right, serve them with pride, and take the time to educate the masses. Together we move forward, cup by cup to a new year. May your holidays be bright and the new year prosperous with good health and happiness to you all!

Yours In coffee,

Andrew Vournas

Visit Us In Westlake Village

There’s always an open invitation waiting for you to join us at our cupping table in Westlake Village. To view a full listing of our coffees please visit our coffee offerings page.

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