Colombia Excelso Popayan

Our Colombia Excelso Popayan is produced by a collective of small growers located immediately outside the Cauca DepartmentÔÇÖs capital city of Popay├ín. The region lies on a plateau in the Southwestern portion of Colombia between the Andes to the west and the volcanically active Central Cordilleras to the east. Popay├ín itself rests at an elevation of roughly 5,700 ft, where its mild tropical climate provides just the right amount of heat, humidity and rainfall to make it a perfect location for cultivating coffee, sugarcane and a number of other cash crops. These conditions combined with a wide availability of volcanic soil enable coffee farmers to produce year round, delivering a main crop and a mitaca or a mid-season second crop. Like many high grade Colombian specialty coffees, the Colombia Excelso Popayan brews up nicely with a fantastic aroma; in the cup it has a slight hint of orange-citrus and medium acidity.

To the west, the Andes separate Popay├ín from the Pacific and to the east another mountain range known as the Central Cordilleras separates it from the Huila Department, well known known for its coffee production. Within the Cordilleras are a number of both active and inactive volcanoes, including one called Purac├ę which is the regionÔÇÖs most active and is located only 44 miles southeast of Popay├ín. The majestic, snow capped Purac├ę Peak which last erupted in 1950, reaches an incredible height of 15,600 ft and is a defining feature of the Popay├ín skyline.

Founded in 1537 by the Spaniard Belacázar, the city of Popayán is well known for its picturesque, colonial-era facades, its universities and its broad lineage of Colombian presidents. In colonial times, the city was an important trading point for gold and other highly valued commodities. Popayán is one of 38 municipalities in Cauca, where these days the economy is heavily driven by agriculture and the raising of livestock.

Cupping Notes: Bursting aroma, slight orange citrus in the cup, medium acidity.
Department: Huila
Region: Popayán
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 5,700 ft (1700m)
Coffee Grading: Excelso EP
Harvest: Oct - Dec (main), April - June (mid-crop)