Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila

Our Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila is shade grown on the fertile slopes of Guatemala’s Atitlan volcano. The family owned and operated farm produces a variety of coffees throughout their property which also serves as a natural habitat for hass avocado trees. Their goal is to responsibly procure a collection of consciously sourced Guatemala Atitlan region coffees, each with its own character and profile. In the cup our Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila has a beautiful orange-citrus, even tropical aroma with hints of almond and tobacco. The cup has a bold acidity, notes of orange and tangerine and on the finish a touch of brown sugar with a hint of toasted almond.

Every aspect of the production at Finca Pampojila is enjoined by a hands-on philosophy, beginning with the hand-picking of their coffee cherries at the height of ripeness, and later supervised sun-drying to ensure a clean and sweet complexity. A carefully monitored fermentation process results in exceptional bright acidity and flavor clarity. For this reason, this Guatemala Atitlan Finca Pampojila evokes a crisp, well-balanced citrusy delicacy that is lush and rich with a complementing tartness and sweetness.

Finca Pampojila maintains a strict set of sustainable growing practices that prioritize care for their land as well as their workers and seasonal laborers. Workers are provided competitive wages, a safe working environment and access to health care and education for their families. Finca Pampojila is Rainforest Alliance Certified, a member of the Guatemalan Association of Private Nature Reserves (GAPNR) and enjoys the added distinction of being a multiple award honoree from the Guatemalan Coffee Association (Anacafé). Furthermore, a majority of Finca Pampojila’s land has been declared part of the GAPNR in order to preserve the region’s unique wildlife populations.

Sustainable cultivation practices at Finca Pampojila have been continuously improved. Farm soils are regenerated using vermicompost and other natural farming by-products. Annual environmental certifications and audits from Rainforest Alliance examine their climate sensitive agri-practices, overall ecosystem health, biodiversity strength, social concerns for individuals and community, and economic improvements such as living wages, and long-term profitable returns.

Located in Guatemala’s Solola Department, Santiago Atitlan is the region’s largest municipality which rests at the base of Volcan San Pedro on the shores of the beautiful Lake Atitlan. The area is actually home to three volcanoes—Volcan San Pedro, Volcan Toliman and Volcan Atitlan. There are several towns located here, all at elevations around 5,100 fr (1,555 m), but Volcan Atitlan claims the highest peak elevation of the region at 11,535 ft (3,516 m). Guatemala Atitlan coffees are grown here on the slopes of all three volcanoes, each having exceptional mineral components and ideal climate conditions for growing arabica.

Cupping Notes: Orange-citrus, tropical fruit aroma with hints of almond and tobacco. Bold acidity with notes of orange and tangerine and a silky lingering finish with a touch of brown sugar and a hint of toasted almond.
Producer: Finca Pampojila
Department: Solola
Municipality: Santiago Atitlan
Region: Atitlan
Processing: Washed & Sun Dried
Altitude: 5,000 - 5,577 ft (1500 - 1700m)
Coffee Grading: SHB