Honduras El Socorro La Familia Sandoval Microlot

Our El Socorro La Familia Sandoval Microlot is produced by Miguel Sandoval and his 3 sons Rigoberto, Daniel and David. Several coffee producing families comprise the Socorro de la Peñita community that is located on the hillsides just outside of Siguatepeque, roughly 7 miles to the northwest. Miguel, Rigoberto, Daniel and David produce arabica varieties including Lempira, and Red and Yellow Catuai on their farm that ranges up to almost 4,700 feet in elevation. Their La Familia Sandoval Microlot is washed and sun dried on patios, and then slowly finished on raised beds in a solar dryer. This coffee has a great character with a good mouth feel and pronounced acidity. There is a sweet tobacco/peachy aroma and notes of tangerine, tobacco and maple with a caramel sweetness.

The Sandoval family, like other growers in the Socorro community, focus on sustainable growing techniques, precision pruning and strict fertilization cycles. Each individualized plot of arabica is hand picked and highly organized, ensuring that yields are of a high quality and easily identifiable right up to the point of export. Within the Socorro community Miguel is regarded as a natural leader, and one of the group’s elder members. Together with Rigoberto, Daniel and David the team manages the Sandoval farm, each overseeing the production and harvest of an individual variety. Unique to the La Familia Sandoval Microlot is the inclusion of Catuai varieties, which are scant on other Socorro properties.

In 1970 the Honduran government created the Honduran Coffee Institute to develop and strengthen the country’s many coffee regions, in a manner similar to that of neighboring Colombia. In the year 2000 the institute was formally transformed into IHCAFE, creating an independent, non-profit organization to promote and bolster improved growing and processing techniques.

As a result, over the last 15 – 20 years Honduras has greatly improved its production and growing practices in response to an expanding Central American market. In 2011 Honduras became Central America’s top coffee producer, surpassing heavyweight Guatemala and inching closer to that of Colombia. While once known as a producer of lower grade Centrals, recent upgrades to infrastructure, combined with expanded support for sustainable growing practices has successfully established Honduras as a regional leader in specialty coffee production.

Cupping Notes: Sweet tobacco and peach aroma. Notes of tangerine, tobacco and maple with a caramel sweetness. Good mouth feel and pronounced acidity.
Producer: Miguel, Rigoberto, Daniel & David Sandoval
Department: Comayagua
Municipality: Siguatepeque
Region: El Socorro
Variety: Lempira, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai
Processing: Washed & Sun Dried
Altitude: 4,495 - 4,659 ft (1370 - 1420m)
Coffee Grading: Microlot
Classifications: SHG
Harvest: Dec - Apr