Honduras El Socorro Microlot

Our Honduras El Socorro Microlot is a special lot of coffee from four farming residents of the El Socorro de la Peñita community located just outside of Siguatepeque, Honduras. Although it is sourced from our longtime partner, Kingdom Growers, the profile could not be any different—a sweet aroma, more chocolatey overtones, milder acid, and a creamy body. We liken it to a vanilla-chocolate shake! It is a selection of Catuai, IHCAFE 90 and Lempira grown in family plots at 4,593 ft elevation, washed and dried on raised beds. Sustainable growing techniques, precision pruning and fertilization cycles, coupled with highly organized plots of individual varieties ensure that each coffee type is produced for quality, separated and easily identifiable up until it’s ready for export. All cherries are handpicked and centrally processed.

Two of the four El Socorro Microlot growers are represented by the father and son team, Miguel and Rigoberto Sandoval. Miguel is a strong pillar to his growing community, a natural leader and one of the elder members of the group. He works with his sons, cultivating their coffee on the family farm with each child assigned a different section to oversee. Unlike the other growers in this lot, their plots still hold a portion of Catui varieties.

Omar Amilcar Lopez (known affectionately as ‘Mito’) is a 2nd generation farmer, and son of one of the village’s founding members. Mito is a strong partner in the Kingdom Growers coop, and an outspoken champion in his emphasis on quality and its importance to his neighboring community.

Carlos Mejia, the fourth growing partner, works with the group in a myriad of conservation activities such as pruning, and the time-sensitive practice of fertilizer application. These are done in coordination with the cooperative’s supply partners to certify that the various cycles fall in line with the growing season, and results in ideal cups.

Since 2005 Kingdom Growers has been working to aid in the development of sustainable farming practices and to empower coffee-growing farmers, families and communities to adopt their own solutions. This El Socorro Microlot is a new addition to their 2020 production lineup, and the first time it’s to be featured in our offerings.

As part of the Kingdom Growers Coop, El Socorro Microlot partners are provided with a variety of eco-friendly farm management resources and training, including expert milling and processing techniques. Known locally as the “Cultivadores del Reino,” the group provides technical guidance and assistance to its growing partners in order to increase productivity, improve cup quality, and promote interdependence.

In 1970 the Honduran government created the Honduran Coffee Institute to develop and strengthen the country’s many coffee regions, in a manner similar to that of neighboring Colombia. In the year 2000 the institute was formally transformed into IHCAFE, creating an independent, non-profit organization to promote and bolster improved growing and processing techniques.

As a result, over the last 15 – 20 years Honduras has greatly improved its production and growing practices in response to an expanding Central American market. In 2011 Honduras became Central America’s top coffee producer, surpassing heavyweight Guatemala and inching closer to that of Colombia. While once known as a producer of lower grade Centrals, recent upgrades to infrastructure, combined with expanded support for sustainable growing practices has successfully established Honduras as a regional leader in specialty coffee production.

Cupping Notes: Cocoa and Sweet Tobacco Aroma. Very Mild Acid with Notes of Chocolate, Vanilla and a Milky, Creamy Body.
Producer: Miguel & Rigoberto Sandoval, Omar Amilcar Lopez & Carlos Mejia
Department: Comayagua
Municipality: Siguatepeque
Region: El Socorro
Variety: Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Lempira
Processing: Washed & Sun Dried
Altitude: 4,593 ft (1400m)
Coffee Grading: Microlot
Harvest: Dec - Apr