Honduras Cafe Tio Juan SHG

We’re very pleased to present this newest addition to our lineup of Central American coffees, the Honduras Cafe Tio Juan from grower Cristian Rodriguez. Cristian’s farm, La Florida, is located in the Montecillos region at an elevation of 1300 – 1600m. The coffee is shade grown and the varietals are an assortment of Pacas, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Lempira and Typica. The IHCAFE 90 varietal is a roya resistant hybrid comprised of Bourbon, Timor and Caturra, developed by the Honduran Institute of Coffee (IHCAFE) in the 1980’s. It’s worth noting that the 3rd place winner in this year’s Honduran Cup of Excellence (COE) was 100% IHCAFE 90. Cristian’s Honduras Cafe Tio Juan imparts a nice fruity aroma in the cup with mellow sweetness & acidity and a fruity finish.

For years Cristian has been at the forefront of Honduran specialty coffee, working to improve quality and output within the region. His farm employs around 30 year-round workers from at least 20 families in the region who handle the majority of La Florida’s upkeep, pruning and maintenance. During harvest an additional 100-120 workers are employed to manage picking, sorting and wet & dry milling. The lot is washed and sun dried (or solar dried) on raised beds. The green looks fantastic – large beans, consistent color and top notch processing. Tío Juan harvest runs from February through May.

While this particular lot of Honduras Cafe Tio Juan is washed, La Florida also produces both naturals and honeys in smaller quantities. Cristian has been a finalist in multiple Cup of Excellence competitions and we expect to see many more excellent coffees from him in the coming years.

Cupping Notes: Good, fruity dry aroma, mellow sweetness and acidity. Very smooth profile, nicely balanced. Fruity finish with good aftertaste.
Producer: Cristian Rodriquez
Region: Montecillos
Variety: Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Lempira, Pacas (Assorted) & Typica
Processing: Washed & Dried on Solar Beds
Altitude: 4,200 - 5,200 ft (1280 - 1584m)
Coffee Grading: SHG
Harvest: February - May