Sumatra Wahana Longberry

On our continuing quest to hunt down fantastic and rare coffees we have truly found several gems from Sumatra. This Sumatra Wahana Longberry Microlot blew us away on the cupping table. It is from Wahana Estate, which was established in 2005 in the village of Lae Mungkur village in sub-district Sidikalang of Northern Sumatra. The longberry variety is said to be named after its relatively long and thin appearance compared to other varieties. It is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, because its shape and cup profile are similar to Ethiopian Longberry Harrar, a natural mutation of Typica. In the cup our Sumatra Wahana Longberry Microlot has notes of sweet fennel, orange and caramel, and floral with hints of raisin and spice, low acidity, buttery, intense body and a silky cocoa finish.

Historically, Sidikalang is one of the most popular coffee producing regions in Indonesia, due to its ideal conditions for growing coffee. The Wahana Estate covers 480 hectares, of which 250 (ha) is dedicated for growing coffee, 100 (ha) for a Natural Reserve and 30 (ha) to its coffee nursery where new single varietal coffee saplings are grown. It is situated at an altitude of 4,000 – 5,000 ft (1200 – 1500m) above sea level with an annual rainfall of a 100 inches per year. Temperatures average 59-71°degrees.

Cupping Notes: Sweet fennel, orange and caramel, floral with hints of raisin and spice, low acidity, buttery intense body and a silky cocoa finish.
Producer: Wahana Estate
Sub-district: Sidikalang
District: Dairi
Area: Lae Mungkur Village
Variety: Longberry Harrar (Natural Mutation of Typica)
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 4,000 - 5,000 ft (1200 - 1500m)
Coffee Grading: Microlot