Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Black Honey Microlot

Hacienda Sonora Black Honey Microlot

Our new Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Black Honey Microlot is a classic Costa Rican variety: Red Catuai. While Costa Rica is home to many coffee varieties, Red Catuai has generated somewhat of a fan following at Hacienda Sonora. What’s more, the...

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Honduras El Socorro Microlot

Honduras El Socorro Microlot Coffee Trees

Our Honduras El Socorro Microlot is a special lot of coffee from four farming residents of the El Socorro de la Peñita community in Montecillos, Honduras. Although it is sourced from our longtime partner, Kingdom Growers, the profile could not...

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Costa Rica Olman Ureña Honey Microlot

Young Costa Rican arabica coffee trees planted in rows on a hillside terroir on the Urena family coffee farm

Grower Olman Ureña Salazar, a third generation farmer, has owned and produced coffee on his farm for over 25 years. The Palmichal micro mill where his Costa Rica Honey Microlot is processed is state-of-the-art; it includes patios for sun-dryin...

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Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Obata Natural Microlot

Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Coffee Farm

Our new Costa Rica Microlot, from Hacienda Sonora is a natural processed Red Obata coffee variety that produces a complex cup with some fruity notes and accompanying accents of chocolate and caramel. Red Obata coffee, a cross between Timor and ...

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Costa Rica El Cedral Red Honey Microlot

Four generations ago, Sacarias Valverde aptly named his 30 acre Tarrazu coffee farm El Cedral after the region’s plentiful cedar trees that provide natural shade throughout it’s coffee fields. The cedar groves are so abundant in fact, that ...

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Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea “Papa” Kinne Microlot

"Papa" James Kinne Papua New Guinea Coffee Grower

Dedicated to the great “Papa” James Kinne, this Papua New Guinea Microlot is a special selection of fair trade, organic coffees from the Kinne family plantation in Purosa. Throughout his life, James was an instrumental figure in Eastern Hig...

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Tanzania Kitamu Peaberry

Red Coffee Cherries and Coffee Trees In Tanzania

Our Tanzania Kitamu Peaberry Microlot has been sourced from several estate producers in the northern Karatu District of Tanzania's Arusha Region. Kitamu, meaning “sweet” in Swahili is used when describing something with a delicious taste an...

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Costa Rica Leon de Heredia Honey

Wooden Gate at Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Farm

We proudly present this Costa Rica Honey Microlot from Carlos León. This is a very limited, 25 bag run of 100% Caturra. It is washed, sun dried and milled on site at the León family mill. In the cup, the León’s Costa Rica Honey Microlot ha...

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Nicaragua Organic Jinotega Finca La Isabelia Honey

Organic Coffee Farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua

This Nicaragua organic microlot from Finca La Isabelia is a limited production caturra honey process produced by a family of multi-generation farmers in the heart of the Jinotega Department. Finca La Isabelia is located approximately 9 miles no...

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Tanzania Kibosho Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry Kibosho Microlot

Our Tanzania Kibosho Peaberry Microlot comes from northern Tanzania where Mount Kilimanjaro reigns supreme; it is simultaneously the continent’s highest peak (16,000 feet from base to summit), an extinct stratovolcano and the source of a majo...

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