Coffee Growing & Production

Building Bridges From Farm to Cup

When we launched Vournas Coffee Trading in 2002 part of our goal was to identify gaps in the grower/roaster supply chain, build bridges between them and in the process become a sort of farm to cup extension cord, not merely just another green i...

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Uganda’s Coffee Fields of Dreams

Coffee farmers kneeling down in a grove of healthy coffee trees protected by a natural shade canopy of tall forest trees in Kapchorwa Uganda

If you grow it, they will come

Over the past few years Uganda’s coffee producers have been establishing themselves as a leaders in African specialty coffee. It would seem producers have taken cues from the film Fi...

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Central American Specialty Coffee | When Does New Crop Ship?

Bags of coffee parchment stored at Honduras mill

If accountants, logistics managers and supply people ran the coffee world, shipments from coffee farms and mills would occur on a “just in time” timeline. Coffee would be produced year round and shipments would be dispatched days before inv...

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From Here to Honduras

Andrew Vournas meeting with female coffee roasters in Honduras

Having flown out of Oaxaca, Mexico earlier in the day, and now on the second leg of my journey with Dave Day and Geron Gray of Growers First, I landed...

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Central American Coffee Rust On The Rise

Closeup of Coffee Leaf Rust or La Roya Damage

Reported by the Los Angeles Times, June 7, 2014

AP - Fraijanes, Guatemala

For years, Hernan Argue-ta’s small pl...

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Interview With Dave Day From Growers First

Dave Day of Growers First

This last May I was very lucky to be able to see the impact of Growers First in Honduras. My trip consisted of a combination of education, philan...

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Roya Leaf Damages Coffee Crop Production

Closeup of Coffee Leaf Rust

Having recently traveled extensively through Honduras and Costa Rica, I went to check out the growing issue of roya leaf (coffee rust or coffee leaf rust) and its effects on the coffee crop production. First let’s talk about Honduras. We can ...

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Guatemala’s Coffee Crop Hit By Killer Fungus

A Closeup of Coffee Rust (Roya) Damage To A Coffee Leaf

By Mike McDonald, Reuters

- Fungus affects up to 40% of Guatemala's coffee trees.

- Roya Outbreak cuts Guatemalan harvest forecast.

- More aggressive rust variety threatens coffee farmers.

GUATEMALA CITY, May 8 (Reuters) - ...

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Heavy Rains Threaten Coffee Crops

Closeup of rain drops on a coffee leaf

Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2011

A worker shovels coffee in El Paste, El Salvador. Rough weather there and elsewhere in Central America has threatened production and transport. Torrential rains are pounding down on coffee produ...

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Papua New Guinea Coffee Boom Puts Pressure on Processors

Coffee workers in Papua New Guinea work to process green coffee for export

A coffee factory manager in Papua New Guinea says a good crop and high prices are putting pressure on processors. Favourable weather conditions have led to expectations that Papua New Guinea will produce more than 60,000 tonnes of coffee this y...

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