A Message From Dr. Java

Happy Holidays To You And Your Family

Happy Holidays from Vournas Coffee Trading

Dear roasters, friends and coffee lovers,

As another year in coffee comes to an end, it’s an honor to have you alongside us sharing in the adventure. Wherever you find yourself today and in the coming weeks, be it at home with family or ab...

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What Matters Most

Graphic of the Vournas Coffee Trading logo with national flags significant to the specialty coffee industry super-imposed over a world map, covering the equatorial coffee growing region known as the coffee belt.

To the members of The Vournas Coffee Trading family,

While all our roasters are busy roasting away (with no rest through the holidays) we at Vournas Coffee Trading would like to say thanks. While there is so much unrest that is uncontained i...

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Vournas Coffee Kicks Off Summer 2015 With Free Shipping

The hands of an Ethiopian coffee farmer holding dry processed, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe green coffee beans for import to the United States by a specialty green coffee importer.

So they say there is nothing free in life. Well in this case there is. Vournas Coffee Trading is offering free shipping to new customers on their first order with Vournas Coffee. Of course there are a few restrictions, but this offer will run t...

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Here’s To A Great 2015

Longberry Arabica Coffee Variety from Wahana Estate, Sumatra Indonesia

Wow, 2014 is closing to an end. It’s been a crazy year with a lot going on, but it is always like that in the coffee importing business.

Current Market Trends

The coffee market has softened due to more favorable rain in Brazil...

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Kicking The Tires | What To Expect From The Coffee Market In 2015

Closeup of Coffee Leaf Rust

What’s up with, or in this case what’s DOWN with the coffee market? There has never before been more uncertainty in the coffee market as there is today. With certified stocks at the lowest in years, the Brazil crop...

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A Shout Out To Mike

Vournas Coffee Trading Co-Founder, Michael Vournas

This month instead of doing my Part II of my recent Guatemala trip, I decided instead to pay tribute to one of the greats that I have lost in my life and someone who contributed so much to the coffee world, my brother, Mike.

Brother, Fri...

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Happy Holidays To You All

Happy Holidays from Vournas Coffee Trading

This time of year I like to take a step back and be thankful. First I would like to thank our 200 plus roasters. We never take you for granted. Your loyalty, friendship and your dedication to bringing our green coffees to life is appreciated.

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Numbers And Scores, All A Bore

Specialty Coffee Cupping Setup with Roasted Coffee, Silver Spoons, and Spitoon

Please enjoy this blast from the past on a topic that we feel is still relevant today, written by Michael Vournas, January 16, 2009

What do I have to say about this number stuff? Let's see. Many number stories have made it to the so...

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Steve Teisl Update

Papua New Guinea Coffee Consultant, Steve Teisl

Most of you are aware that our friend and Papua New Guinea Consultant, Steve Teisl had a severe stroke at the end of last Novembe...

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May All Who Enter As Customers, Leave As Friends

A table setting with a green coffee sample in a blue tray, a cup of black coffee in a ceramic cup with a saucer and a Chemex pour over coffee brewer

Since it's the season of giving thanks, here we go. Thank You to our 175+ roasters who have chosen Vournas Coffee Trading as their importer. We know you have a choice and we are happy you are part of The Vournas Coffee family.


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