Coffee Roasting & Brewing

Cold Brewer’s Guide To The Galaxy: Honduras

Coffee Cup with Green Coffee Bags

It was 2016 when I started my first coffee company. Focusing primarily on specialty cold brew coffee products in keg form and employing the nations emerging cold brew competitions as our soap box, we found with proper steeping we had the abilit...

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Flash Brewing, Iced Coffee In A FLASH!

Flash Brewing Coffee

Flash brewing has been popular overseas since the 1960s. Sweet and refreshing, this brew method provides floral aromatics more commonly associated with teas. This brew focuses on the first ½ of the brewing process which produces the most desir...

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Freight Friendly Coffee Shipment

Freight Friendly Coffee Shipment Graphic

Vournas Coffee Trading strives to provide excellent coffee shipment support to all of our customers and would like to take a moment to indulge you in the physics of logistics — or rather the physical properties and phenomena of eight...

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Safety First | How To Prevent Coffee Roaster Fires

Roasted coffee beans and stainless steel coffee bean scoop

Recently I have had a few roasters share that they had NEVER cleaned their roaster. One of them, a new roaster, ended up starting a small fire. Fortunately everything ended up coming out okay, but it was a big lesson learned—and coul...

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The Benefits of Microlot Pour Over Coffees

Chemex Coffee Maker and Coffee Grounds for Pourover Coffee Brewing

Is a cup of coffee always JUST a cup of coffee? For today’s specialty coffee consumer, the local café roastery can be a stand-in-place journey around the globe to one farm/one cup with a story that is anything but average. This is the perfec...

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Our 2017 Marquis Coffee Lineup

Closeup of Coffee Cherries on the Vine in Papua New Guinea

We’ve been working overtime in our cupping room in order to bring you this year’s marquis coffee lineup of VCT exclusives. We have received advance samples from the farms for every single one of our marquis coffees, and over the past severa...

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Bill Clarke & The Cheese Shoppe | W.C. Clarke’s Coffee

In a salute to our oldest customer, roaster and friend, we would like to take a moment to put the spotlight on ...

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Vournas Coffee Kicks Off Summer 2015 With Free Shipping

The hands of an Ethiopian coffee farmer holding dry processed, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe green coffee beans for import to the United States by a specialty green coffee importer.

So they say there is nothing free in life. Well in this case there is. Vournas Coffee Trading is offering free shipping to new customers on their first order with Vournas Coffee. Of course there are a few restrictions, but this offer will run t...

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From Sumatra With Love

Sumatran coffee cherries and coffee trees

On our continuing quest to find and hunt down fantastic and rare coffees we have truly found several gems from Sumatra. Our newest member of our Sumatran coffee family of coffees will be called Read More

Proposition 65 | The Looming Doom Of The Coffee Boom?

Closeup of Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans

From the PCCA (Pacific Coast Coffee Association) Proposition 65 Task Force:

CoffeeNetwork (New York) - The coffee industry, by nature, prides the...

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